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Hello my name is Marge…welcome to my website

I am a professional Clairvoyant who has over twenty five years experience in the Psychic field.

I originate from a Welsh-Irish background and I am very proud to be the fourth generation Psychic in my family. It was my family who noticed my gift from an early age. This was no surprise to them as I was born at the exact time my Grandmother passed away. With this unique Spiritual bond my family knew I had inherited my Grandmother's gift of Clairvoyance. I have always been naturally interested in everything Psychic and Spiritual and decided to accept and develop my special gift in the late seventies. I began attending Spiritual Churches, sitting in on circles, open and closed, absorbing as much information as I could. I joined many organizations and societies relating to the Psychic and Spiritual field and am still a member of these organizations today - Consultant & Member of The British Astrological Society (BAPS), The Psychic Club Great Britain, The Association of Professional Psychic Readers & Organizers (APPRO), with certified qualifications for Tarot, Palmistry & Name Analysis. When I first began my Psychic work I was given two very special signs and I am now going to tell you what they were.

I remember very well that it was on a Saturday morning and I was sitting on the bus going to my local town centre. The lady who was sitting next to me decided to get off the bus at the same stop has me. Nothing unusual about that I hear you say. Only she tapped me on the shoulder to which I turned around expecting I had dropped something on the floor and she was very kindly advising me of the fact. To my surprise she said that I did the same type of work that she did which was Psychic and Mediumship. I was very surprised that she knew this. It took my breath away, particularly as I did not have any conversation with her at all on the bus.

My second sign was when I received a call from a lady living in Wales. She introduced herself then proceeded to tell me that she had gone to her local Spiritualist Church and the Medium who was giving the service advised her to purchase a Manchester Evening News. To then look at my advertisement in the paper and to telephone the lady called Marge who was the Tarot Reader that could now help her. I was pleasantly surprised to receive such call and for several years this lady often visited me for readings. My practice in the Psychic field has gone from strength to strength on recommendation and by word of mouth. My experiences and connections have guided me to regularly travel and meet many wonderful people in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and also internationally with my gift.

I have been fortunate to meet many special and amazing people in Texas, Dallas, Spain, Jersey and the Isle of White. Through my professional reputation, I continue to do many Psychic shows in the UK often featuring in various Newspapers and Magazines. As a result I have worked closely with celebrities and other well known faces in the Media, and I was thrilled to be approached by RTE Nationwide TV to appear on their TV program. I am now currently appearing on the Psychic Today, Sky TV channel 886 and Freesat 652.

Throughout my work I have often been privileged to be involved in several charitable events. I will offer a caring and confidential consultation on a Free CD so that you have a lasting memory of your reading. Sorry but I will not give readings to persons under 18 years of age.

From the Spirit (your loved ones)

Through the Spirit (myself)

To the Spirit (you)

Best Wishes.

Marge Walsh