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Marge Walsh is a Professional Clairvoyant with over 25 years Experience

Marge Walh International Clairvoyant

Exclusive Interview with Marge Walsh
for Psychic Today Monthly Magazine

Marge Walsh is a professional Clairvoyant with over 25 years experience in the Psychic field.

Customer Testimonial Statement
Question Icon How did you start working with your speciality skill and how involved are you with the psychic world?
  • Answer Icon  I have always been involved in everything Spiritual and Psychic and decided to look into attending Spiritual Churches in the 70s, sitting in on circles and getting as much information as I could. Eventually I joined many organisations and societies relating to the Psychic and Spiritual field of which I am still a member

  • Question Icon Tell us a little about your readings, how do they work?
  • Answer Icon  I feel our life purpose is to grow and develop and to find peace and harmony. But if things do go wrong we ultimately have many choices...I suppose you could say I am trying to provide the key to guide the person towards unlocking the negativity and whatever blocks them at any given time and to inform them that everyone has many choices for the future.

  • Question Icon Do you prefer to work with any particular tools?
    • Answer Icon  I do have various tools that I work with and sometimes I will be guided by my intuition for what I should use when doing a reading...however my personal choice usually includes the Crystal Ball, the Tarot Cards or Rune Stones.

    • Question Icon How did you feel when you first spoke with your guides?
    • Answer Icon  I was about nine or ten when I first remember coming home from school and asking Mum who the lady in our parlour was. My Mum explained what I saw, so I was not frightened at that age. As I got older and saw my guides more often I was able to understand what it all meant to me and now I feel very privileged.

    • Question Icon Do you think anyone can be psychic?
    • Answer Icon  Yes, I feel we are all psychic - escpecially the ladies. Of course, if anyone feels they want to develop their psychic ability in today’s modern society there are lots of psychic development courses that can help them.

    • Question Icon Do you have any suggestions that could guide people towards alleviating the emotional pain of adversity?
      • Answer Icon  This is a very good question especially for our society today...it depends on how deep the emotional pain is. Things change so quickly in our lives today and I feel that this is when a person needs to have a reading. A reading can guide the person and let them know that they still have choices and with choices you will start to feel more confident and with more confidence comes self-esteem; all this allows people to look to situations differently, usually feeling a lot happier.

      •   Exclusive Interview printed in the June issue #6 2012

          of PSYCHIC TODAY magazine.