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Why have a Tarot Reading? The Tarot is not stereotyped and can appeal to people of all walks of life. Most people need help and guidance from time to time, often needing help with choices and decisions and this is why a Tarot reading can help.

Over the many years I have been involved with the Tarot, I have found that it is important to offer people the choice of guidance that best suits them. I offer the option of being able to combine Tarot with Palmistry, Crystal, Rune Stones, Psy-cards, Angel Cards or you can decide on whatever reading you feel you would need. I offer caring and confidential consultations on your life emotions, problems and questions. I am a member of the British Astrological & Psychic Society (BAPS), Psychic Club Great Britain, The Association of Professional Psychic Readers & Organizers (APPRO)


Palmistry is thought to have originated in ancient China around three thousand BC, also evidence of the practice can be found in the ancient Indian scriptures. The Egyptians were students of the art and they probably passed it on to the Greeks. Aristotle was a famous Greek philosopher who wrote a book on Palmistry for Alexander the Great and this would have been around two thousand three hundred years ago. The basic principles written in that book haven’t changed much over the years. It was in the early fourteenth century that Palmistry spread to Europe and it was later in the nineteenth Century when it was accepted as an accurate science. Until then, everyone believed you either had to be a Gypsy or a Psychic to read palms. It is also known that some colleges will do courses on Palmistry in our society today. Palmistry is an excellent tool for revealing a person's character and personality.

Palmistry is a map of your potential, a map of your life. Your life really is in the Palm of your hand.


The Crystal Ball seems to be one of the most well-known and popular forms of Scrying, as well as a divination tool. Scrying is the name given to the ancient technique of gazing into an object such as a crystal ball or a bowl of water. It is usually physically, ritually or spiritually cleansed before each use for purification purposes.

The word Crystal is Greek and means ‘frozen water’ or ‘clear ice’. It was as early as the 4th century B.C. that the Greeks likened clear crystal to ‘frozen water’ or ‘clear ice’. It was later called quartz or rock crystal. For gazing purposes, Quartz crystal, glass, mirrors and water have all been used for thousands of years to predict future events and gain mystic insights.


The first Rune symbols were very simple and can be traced back to the Bronze Age and early Iron Age. The system which is still used today dates back to the second or third century B.C. when the Germanic people came into contact with the alphabet. Rune Stones can help you with career, family and emotional issues.


They are a system of symbolic pictures to help you find directions in your personal life. Psy-cards are used to gain insight into yourself, your feelings and your own psychology. They can help you make complex personal decisions, understand your motivations and become alert to the exciting possibilities in your life and to those of the people closest to you. Psy-cards seek to encourage you to develop your own spiritual and Psychic gifts.

In the simplest form they enable people to open up to themselves about their inner feelings.


Psycometry (which I sometimes call the Psychic touch) is about touching or tuning into an object by using the sense of touch to read the energy or history held in an object. Psychometric imprints may come in the form of emotions, sounds, scents, tastes or images.

We are given a Psychic impression or a special “vibration” when we wear or use objects as they will absorb some of our own vibrations. Some objects will hold information more readily than others. Jewelry is more likely to carry a strong vibration. If you imagine a wedding ring that someone has worn for many years, then think of how much that person's nature would be absorbed in that ring.


Angel Cards represent pure essences. They help you expand your sensitivity to inner resources and uncover a deeper understanding of personal issues. The Angel Cards are virtues of energies that can assist and encourage an experience of life at a deeper level.

It is said that they offer doorways to a realm of spiritual awareness which can encourage us to greater completeness in our lives.

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